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This palette is three items in one: a mixing palette, the first correct colour mixing wheel and a comprehensive guide to colour harmony and contrast. The palette offers a constant colour mixing guide to the user, enabling full control over this once impossible area.

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The palettes are produced from Melamine, not plastic. They are given a special resin finish which gives a particulary smooth surface. As such, they look, feel and handle like porcelain and are easy to clean, non staining and kind to brushes. Colours, sealed into the surface, will indicate the appropriate well to use for any mix. The arrow shaped mixing wells take the six principle mixing colours; two reds, two blues and two yellows. These will lead you to a wide range of violets, greens and oranges. Colours that you wish to darken with the complementary are placed into the outermost mixing wells.

Having deep mixing wells, the Watercolour Palette is suitable for watercolour, gouache, casein, dyes, inks, or thinned acrylics.

Our redesigned lid is now made of the same melamine material as the base and can be inverted to use as a mixing area and to create washes for larger areas of your paintings. The lid fits on the palette snuggly to protect your paints from dust and dirt, and will help keep them fresh between painting sessions.

Clean up is as simple as wiping the palette with a damp cloth.

Also included is a full colour instruction booklet, providing comprehensive guidance to get you started mixing the colour you want every single time.

Artists who would like to know more about using the Wilcox Color Mixing Palette may wish to purchase the book “Getting the Most from the Wilcox Mixing Palette”. ‘Getting the Most from the Wilcox Mixing Palette’

Those who would want more in-depth information about accurate color mixing might consider “Blue and Yellow Don’t Make Green”. By understanding what really does happen when colors are mixed, you will be able to master colour mixing once and for all, and in a very short time. ‘Blue and Yellow Don’t Make Green’. 

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